Come Meet Patrice Bonner at The Juneteenth Festival! by VEONDA GARDNER


Patrice Bonner is a young and ambitious Life Insurance Agent for New York Life.  She will be joining Gardner Realty Company in celebrating The Philadelphia Juneteenth Festival, hosted by The Johnson House Historic. Keep an eye out for Patrice's table outside of office at 6319 Germantown Avenue. She will be providing great information on all the services her company has to offer. Gardner is happy to have Patrice join us for a day of celebration and education and we hope that you come to visit us both on Saturday, June 16th, 2018! 

I offer a variety of products that can help you meet a number of insurance and financial needs, including, but not limited to Mortgage protection, college funding, retirement, managing costs for extended periods of care and lifetime income strategies. Please contact me to help you fully analyze your needs and recommend appropriate solutions. 
— Patrice Bonner

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Phone: 267-229-9888



Juneteenth Festival: June 16, 2018 by VEONDA GARDNER


June 16, 2018 is the 12th anniversary of Philadelphia's Juneteenth Festival, which commemorates the abolition of slavery. Gardner Realty Company has proudly partnered with the Johnson's House Historic Site to help bring this outdoor festival to the Historic Germantown area of Philadelphia. The festival is free and open to the public, so please bring the whole family out to enjoy a day of entertainment, education and fun.  The annual festival will feature:

  • Historical Re-enactments 
  • Cultural Vendor's Marketplace
  • Entertainment 
  • Food Trucks 
  • Children's Village 
  • Beer Garden 
  • Panel Discussion and Unsung Hero Award 

Make sure you stop by our office during the festival, we will have tables set up out front so you cant's miss us! We'll have lots of treats and prizes for everyone in the family. If your are thinking about buying a home soon, stop by and learn more about our credit improvement program. Looking to move into a new rental? Ask how you could win a free application gift certificate, when you visit us during the festival.  

For more information and updates on the Juneteenth Festival please visit the Johnson House Historic Site website. 

Is Your Credit Score Holding You Back? by VEONDA GARDNER

Don't let having a low credit score hold you back any longer! Gardner Realty has partnered with ReCredit to help our clients improve their credit scores. ReCredit provides you with the tools you'll need to improve your score. ReCredit uses a comprehensive evaluation to gather the necessary reports to determine what steps will be needed to improve your score. They use financial goal setting to help you identify habits and make your goals a reality. ReCredit will dispute and correct errors on your credit records. ReCredit's educated team of professionals will fight for you every step of the way to improve your score.  

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Renting vs. Buying? by VEONDA GARDNER


Today the average renter pays 30% of their income toward rent whereas average home buyers pay 15% of their income toward mortgage payments.

Many potential first-time home buyers have doubts about their ability to qualify, to come up with a down payment and to purchase the right home. That’s where we come in. We’re not just here for the highly qualified of buyers. We want to help everyone.

We have a solution for most every obstacle!

If you’re having problems coming up with a down payment, we’ll show you options that may provide you with buying power without incurring risks down the road. We can even introduce you to financially smart ways to afford a larger home right now than you might have thought possible.

Begin your path to homeownership!

It all begins by speaking with a Gardner Realty agent. This is someone with knowledge of the real estate market and financial programs and with the ability to present you with a host of options. We will be able to make your dreams of a home purchase come true.

Call our office today at 215-844-1788 to get started.