The key to selling your home is the expertise of your real estate sales team and effective marketing approaches. 

Welcome to our website. The following information will help your prepare and build a strategy around the sale of your home. 

In today's real estate market, you need the knowledge and direction of a professional real estate advisor. Gardner Realty is committed to serving the needs of our Sellers, we are laser focus on obtaining results for you. 

We are dedicated to improving ourselves, by continuing our education and knowing market trends and developments. We pursue the latest in technology to provide you with the knowledge of the real estate market. We provide best in class service and take our ethical responsibly very seriously. We look forward to serving you!

Things we do to help you Sell Your Home

  • Competitive Market Analysis - Determines the market value of your home and helps construct the best marketing strategy.
  • Staging/Tips - Promote the marketability of your home. Our experienced sales team will advise you on how to stage your home and/or highlight the features.
  • Seller's Disclosure - Required in Pennsylvania for all residential sales. Discloses defects and provides updates regarding improvements. 
  • Home Warranty - Home warranty's make the home more marketable for buyers.
  • For Sale Sign - Creates exposure 24/7
  • Multiple Listing Service - Provides Information about your home to all broker/ agents in PA. This opens up a wide range of exposure for your home. Gardner Realty cooperates in an effort to get your home sold in the quickest way possible. 
  • Advertisement - Real estate ads are a great way to get the word out about your wonderful home. We use  wide range of publications to create awareness of your home. 
  • Social Media - Today's creative environment utilizes social media for all advertising. Gardner Realty will actively promote your home on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as other social media databases. 
  • Real Estate Exchange - Real Estate professionals have created a way to share information via website. This creates traffic towards your property.
  • Community Awareness - Gardner Realty will prepare and distribute flyers around the surrounding area to introduce your home. We will inform all families that your house is available for sale. 
  • Conveyancing - We have a professional conveyancer that will facilitate all paperwork and answer all questions related to the process of your paperwork. We work with the title company to ensure that your settlement will be a smooth transition. 
  • Settlement - YOUR day. You achieve your goals!!