Is Your Credit Score Holding You Back? / by VEONDA GARDNER

Why Boosting Your Credit Score Is So Important. 


When buying a home, your credit score is one the most important factors in determining what mortgage rate you will be offered.  Lenders will typically offer people with higher credit scores lower interest rates. Your credit score can directly affect how much you pay monthly for your new home. 

Credit scores don't just affect the home buying process they can affect the rental process as well.  Having a low credit score can keep you from being able to rent your dream apartment. Landlord use credit scores to help determine if potential tenants will make their rental payments in full and on time.  

Don't let having a low credit score hold you back any longer! Gardner Realty has partnered with ReCredit to help our clients improve their credit scores. ReCredit provides you with the tools you'll need to improve your score. ReCredit uses a comprehensive evaluation to gather the necessary reports to determine what steps will be needed to improve your score. They use financial goal setting to help you identify habits and make your goals a reality. ReCredit will dispute and correct errors on your credit records. ReCredit's educated team of professionals will fight for you every step of the way to improve your score.  

Give ReCredit a try and begin improving your credit score today!