Renting vs. Buying? / by VEONDA GARDNER


Today the average renter pays 30% of their income toward rent whereas average home buyers pay 15% of their income toward mortgage payments.

Many potential first-time home buyers have doubts about their ability to qualify, to come up with a down payment and to purchase the right home. That’s where we come in. We’re not just here for the highly qualified of buyers. We want to help everyone.

We have a solution for most every obstacle!

If you’re having problems coming up with a down payment, we’ll show you options that may provide you with buying power without incurring risks down the road. We can even introduce you to financially smart ways to afford a larger home right now than you might have thought possible.

Begin your path to homeownership!

It all begins by speaking with a Gardner Realty agent. This is someone with knowledge of the real estate market and financial programs and with the ability to present you with a host of options. We will be able to make your dreams of a home purchase come true.

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